Gnolls are a proud, nomadic race native to the grasslands of Radeln. Gnolls are known for their devotion to their people, and also for being super awesome guys. There is only one permanent settlement of gnolls, Stark, which is shared with their human brethren.

Physical Description:

Gnolls are a race of hulking humanoids that resemble hyenas in appearance; they possess the head, tail, and hind legs of a hyena, with overall humanoid body structure and hands. Their fur, which covers their entire bodies, ranges from light gray to black to brown, usually with darker spots concentrating on the thick mane running down their back.


Gnolls share the Radeln with the human tribes, sharing resources and, in some cases, laws. They also share their holy city, Stark, with the humans, and think of them as their brethren. Gnolls have had only very limited contact with the na’vi, ...


Gnoll Lands:

Gnolls are nomads, following herds of prey animals across the plains of Radeln during the dry season. During the rainy season, the majority of a tribe will return to Stark, swelling its population, while a small party will remain traveling with the herd.




Gnoll Racial Traits:

  • Strength +2, Constitution +2, Intelligence -2: Gnolls are mighty and hardy, but have a less-developed society than other races.
  • Medium Size.
  • A gnoll’s base land speed is 30 feet.
  • Darkvision 60 feet.
  • Gnolls have a +2 bonus on saving throws against polymorph spells and effects.
  • also more
  • Automatic Language: Gnoll. Bonus Languages: Orcish, xx, xx. Gnolls usually have more dealings with monstrous races than their human kin.


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