The na’vi hail from the wondrous, luminescent forest of Pandora. Most of Pandora’s flora and fauna naturally produce light at night, causing nightfall in Pandora to be quite bright. Because of this the na’vi are nocturnal, but lack any extraordinary ability to see in dim light; most na’vi outside of Pandora give up being nocturnal for this reason.


Na’vi have the following racial traits:
  • Dexterity +2, Wisdom +2, Intelligence -2: The Na’vi are swift and flexible, and in tune with nature, but are less advanced than other races.
  • Medium Size.
  • A na’vi’s base land speed is 30 feet.
  • All na’vi have a two-foot braid of hair that covers a neural cord, similar to a spinal cord. The na’vi can use this to connect directly to other creatures with a similar feature. Connecting to another creature’s neural cord takes a swift action if the creature is receptive, or a standard action if the creature resists. This can be done as a combat maneuver or as part of a grapple. Connecting with another receptive na’vi causes the two to become a bonded pair, which is essential for successful mating. Connecting with a lesser animal causes the animal to become friendly to the na’vi (if the animal resisted the bond, an opposed wisdom check is made), and also allows the na’vi to feel everything the animal feels, and to control it by thought. No handle animal checks are needed to cause the animal to perform any action, as long as the link remains intact. Most animals will remain friendly to the na’vi, even after the link is severed.
  • Automatic Language: Na’vi. Bonus Languages: .
Due to their neural link and unique connection to their homeland, a na’vi may choose an animal from their home forest as an animal companion.
  • Pa’li : This is a six-legged horse that the na’vi frequently use as mounts. Use the horse statistics on page 54 of the Pathfinder Core Rulebook, except a pa’li has Strength 14, no bite attack, no low-light vision, and it ignores difficult terrain when moving. A pa’li may be selected as a paladin’s mount.
  • Ikran : This is a four-winged flying predator from the skies of Pandora. A na’vi hunter’s right of passage ends when they tame an ikran to use as a mount. Once a na’vi has made a bond with an ikran, no other na’vi is able to link with that ikran. Use the pteranodon stastics on page 85 of the Pathfinder Bestiary, except the ikran doesn’t have low-light vision, and its fly speed is 50 ft. (average). An ikran may be selected as a paladin’s mount after level 7.
  • Nantang : This is a dog-sized, six-legged pack predator; most na’vi have little contact with them, avoiding them whenever possible, but a few make use of them as hunting companions. Use the dinosaur (Deinonychus, Velociraptor) statistics on page 54 of the Pathfinder Core Rulebook, except change the talon attacks to claws, the nantang doesn’t gain the extra claw attacks at level 7, and the nantang doesn’t have low-light vision, but the nantang also gains a climb speed of 40 ft.
  • Angtsìk : This is a very large herd animal, for which the na’vi have great reverence. It strongly resembles a rhinoceros with six legs, except in place of a horn, its snout has a huge bony structure reminiscent of a hammerhead shark. It smashes trees and threats alike with its enormous “hammer”. Very few na’vi have attempted to bond with these creatures, and none have been successful. However, there is nothing to say that it is not possible. Use the rhinocerous statistics on page 235 of the Pathfinder Bestiary, except change the gore attack to a slam attack.
  • Palulukan ” : This large predator frightens na’vi and angtsìk alike with its approach and wailing howl. No na’vi on record have even attempted a bond with this creature; it is unlikely that any who attempt it survive to tell of their failure. A palulukan resembles a big cat, but with six legs and a unique face. It also has ten sensory quills leading outward from the base of its skull. Use the cat, big (lion, tiger) statistics on page 54 of the Pathfinder Core Rulebook, but increase its starting AC to +3 natural armor, remove its low-light vision. At level 7, the palulukan does not gain the grab or rake special attacks, but it does gain a secondary tail attack that deals 1d8 damage.


The Na’vi are based on a species of the same name from James Cameron’s Avatar.

Pandorapedia on the Na’vi.


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